The Alchemists Council by Cynthea Masson, A Review

Jaden joins the secret society of the Alchemists Council that work in a different dimension to protect the balance of the world.

The story starts out with some heavy reading that I do not believe every reader would enjoy. It basically sets up all the information needed to understand the rest of the book. And I have to admit that due to its long winded style, had me more bored than intrigued… at first.

Jaden continues in her new life as an initiate in a seemingly normal pattern until she learns more about Erasure and Conjoining. This leads her to questions that lead her to a name. She begins to look for something that she is not even entirely aware that is lost and this upsets the precious balance of the Alchemists Council.

This book was sort of a slog, kind of hard for me to look forward to getting into. But as I got closer to the end, I found that it became a lot more fast paced and entertaining. This book was like a puzzle, and it’s the reader’s job to figure out all the different plots and who is involved.

Thanks for reading my review and Happy Reading!!!

1 thought on “The Alchemists Council by Cynthea Masson, A Review”

  1. Thanks for the review! I’m glad you liked Book 1 by the end! Books 2 and 3 in the series, as with the later chapters of Book 1, move at a faster pace than the series’ opening chapters in which the world and philosophy are set up. The world is based on concepts of medieval alchemy, which are indeed complex. If you’d like to read more about these concepts (for example, conjunction, the Rebis, the Alchemical Tree) as well as keep updated with news about the series, check out my blog at Thanks again! I appreciate that you kept going with the book!


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