Child of a Mad God by R. A. Salvatore, A Review

This first book of The Coven trilogy is absolutely stunning. I picked this up because I recieved the ARC for the final book in the trilogy, Song of the Risen God.

This is a story of the people on the mountain, the Usgar, and their dominance over the surrounding lake town villages, the Uamhas. The Usgar are believed to be demons because of the powers they have from magic crystals that are used in battle and in other tasks. The warriors of the Usgar people raid the lake villages for supplies and slaves that they severely mistreat.

The leader of the warriors is named Tay Aillig and is the cruelest of them all. Tay Aillig is not only bitter and angry but powerful, which is not a good combination.

The protagonist of the story, Aoleyn, is the complete opposite of Tay Aillig. She is a source of empathy and kindness in this brutal world and is also full of a strong spirit that pushes her forward to greatness.

The story is not limited to just this one area of this world. Talmadge is a frontiersman and a trader who travels among the many lands not only to proffer his goods but to learn of the people. His story is mixed in throughout the main plot but is just as important and also just as beautifully told.

This is a tale of the relationship between the conquerors and the conquered. Specifically about the Usgar warriors and their Uamhas slaves. However it also focuses on the smaller but just as important conflict between the rights of a woman within the Usgar society. And this is where Aoleyn comes in fighting to keep her individuality alive in this savage community.

I highly recommend this book! It was a slow read for me mainly because I wanted to take everything in unhurriedly. I suggest this for anyone interested in a unique magic system and an engrossing culture.

Thanks for reading my review!!


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