The Last Smile in Sunder City by Luke Arnold, A Review

Meet Fetch Phillips: Man for Hire. This alcoholic, who also has a penchant for pain killers, has been living bottle to bottle and job to job while trying to come to terms with his past and the guilt he feels. Fetch is a detective in Sunder City, a place populated by not only all kinds of people, but all kinds of magical being, even if there is no more magic.

Magic disappeared 6 years ago, when the Coda happened. The Coda is when humans tried to capture and control magic at its essence by using machinery. This caused the natural magic of the world to stop, which changed the lives of magical beings, like werewolves and wizards, forever. This also made the post-Coda magical community view humans as pariahs, which a lot of humans honestly deserve.

I loved how the author spent plenty of time building the history of the main character, Fetch. He doesn’t start out as the most loveable person, but turns into a character I cant help but adore and completely understand.

This story is a blast to read, fast to get through and hard to put down. I highly recommend it for fantasy fans, for humans and non-human alike!

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The Sisters Grimm by Menna Van Praag, A Review

This story begins immediately by radiating magic and a sense of enchantment. It even suggests to the reader that they have magic within themselves and yes, I’m already looking for it!

This tale starts with Goldie, who works in a hotel cleaning rooms but steals from the occupants on the side to make extra money for taking care of herself and her little brother Teddy. While working at the front desk she meets Leo, an attractive son of a well to do guest and this is where things start to get complicated.

Goldie is one of several young women who are a Grimm. This means that they can visit the Everwhere, although it is difficult to remember it exactly. Leo, however, is a Soldier and works against the Sisters Grimm. Although, in this case it is unclear how he will handle the situation with the attractive Goldie.

I love the relationship between the Sisters Grimm. It’s an enchanting intertwining of kindred spirits. They have very individual qualities but also aspects that intrinsically link them. As they reach age, (18 years old), their powers slowly emerge but it is yet to be determined if they are good or evil. Just as the Everwhere has both touches of good and evil, the Sisters Grimm can lean either way as well.

I highly recommend this beautiful and magical book. It’s incredibly unique and will pull you in with its gorgeous enchanting details.

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The Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi, A Review

This is the sequel to The Gilded Wolves and, perhaps, is even more intriguing. The end of the first book was devastating and created a division among the protagonists of this series.

Severin is the leader, however, he leads with a harshness that reflects his inner turmoil to what he has lost. Although he can be difficult, his main goal is always to protect his fellow team members, even if he doesn’t exactly show that.

Join Severin, Laila, Enrique, Hypnos and Zofia as they travel to Russia seeking the Sleeping Palace and The Divine Lyrics which will give them access to godhood. By reaching this goal, Severin believes he will forever be able to put his past and his emotions behind him by erasing feelings of guilt and sadness.

This sequel has a certain cleverness to its writing that can charm any reader. Match that with the elaborate plot and complex characters, and you get a truly great story. This world is so unique and delicious. Lavish details that will leave the reader fully satisfied. I highly suggest enjoying this enchanting creation. Pick up your copy on September 22, 2020.

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The Rose Society by Marie Lu, A Review

Marie Lu’s second installment in The Young Elites trilogy must be the darkest novel she has ever wrote. I did find it difficult to read about all this pain, but the story had such a fast pace that I was able to push through.

Adelina has decided to make her own society of Elites and she has the help of her sister, Violetta, and her power to sense others like them. Their trials are not in vain because when they find more Elites, they are some of the best!

This whole time, Adelina is battling falling too far into her illusions with the threat that they are taking over her life. It doesn’t help that she feeds off of people’s hatred and fear to make her stronger. Like I said, Marie Lu takes the reader to some very dark places to make this point.

At the end of The Young Elites, the first book, I really had a good impression of how Adelina was further developing into a villain. However, in The Rose Society, that part of her persona seems to become complete. And I am not sure if there is any help for her.

I highly recommend delving into this dark and twisted series for a unique look into the making of a villain.

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Song of the Risen God by R. A. Salvatore, A Review

A perfect ending to this action packed trilogy. If you have been following my blog, you know how the first two books went. But I’ll sum up anyway just in case!

This story centers around a very brutal and savage mountain tribe called the Usgar. The Usgar dominate not just the mountain but the surrounding lake villages full of a people that suffer their attacks and kidnappings. The Usgar refer to these skull-shaping captives as the Uamhas, and honestly, their treatment of them could be so bad at times I had a hard time reading it.

However, not all Usgar are bad, especially the female protagonist Aoleyn. She is the heart and soul of this series. In each book, it is her compassion that ultimately wins, not just her expertise with the magic gems. But the magic helps! The magic system in this series is really interesting. It’s based on finding the song within different gems to create unique and God-like powers.

Aoleyn is a fighter. She is a tough young lady, and her heart is in the right place and always leads her true. The first book ends with her battle against the Demon Fossa, and the sequel left me hanging for a minute with the introduction and domination of a new Empire led by the God Scathmizzane.

I was really worried while reading Song of the Risen God about how all of this could be wrapped up. There are more introductions to new characters, primarily from the far away Honce-the-Bear lands and their major cities. I found the ending to be very fitting for this series. I wont say anything to give it away, but I was impressed with how Salvatore wrapped everything up.

This was another wild ride! One thing though, be sure to read the epilogue! This whole series was a unique look at detailed cultures set in a land that teems with magic. I think that is what I enjoyed most. The whole story is great, even if a little harsh at times, but the creation of these belief systems held by the differing people is so distinctive.

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Ruthless Gods by Emily A. Duncan, A Review

The sequel of Wicked Saints that I have been waiting for and am so lucky to have recieved an ARC of! I just have to say loud and clear, I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!

The ending of Wicked Saints was gut wrenching and left me with so many questions. What’s going on with Serefin? Where are the cleric’s Gods and what are Nadya’s next steps? And the Black Vulture, simply what are his real motivations and should I ever have trusted him?

Honestly, this sequel made me ask even more questions. But that’s okay, I like that. Mainly, I realized that I couldn’t trust any of the three main characters. Everytime I thought I knew what someone was thinking or planning, BOOM, Duncan would flip the switch. I was looking in so many directions so fast that I got reading brain whiplash. Not joking… okay, joking a little.

Another thing I like about this series is that it gives me the same vibe as the Grishaverse, another series I can’t get enough of. And the romance! What is it with dark wild haired young guys with captivating eyes and a very serious evil edge to them that makes me not so secretly wish the nice female protagonist would just let go of her morals and just go for it, honey! Ahhhhhh, to be a teenager again… sigh.

Okay, I’m back to being a responsible adult grown up and I am telling you and anyone and everyone to read this series! It’s fun, its romantic, its edgy and it has me captivated and dying for MORE!

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The Alchemists Council by Cynthea Masson, A Review

Jaden joins the secret society of the Alchemists Council that work in a different dimension to protect the balance of the world.

The story starts out with some heavy reading that I do not believe every reader would enjoy. It basically sets up all the information needed to understand the rest of the book. And I have to admit that due to its long winded style, had me more bored than intrigued… at first.

Jaden continues in her new life as an initiate in a seemingly normal pattern until she learns more about Erasure and Conjoining. This leads her to questions that lead her to a name. She begins to look for something that she is not even entirely aware that is lost and this upsets the precious balance of the Alchemists Council.

This book was sort of a slog, kind of hard for me to look forward to getting into. But as I got closer to the end, I found that it became a lot more fast paced and entertaining. This book was like a puzzle, and it’s the reader’s job to figure out all the different plots and who is involved.

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