🌟Arc Review 🌟 The Paradox Hotel by Rob Hart!

Thank you Netgalley for this Arc!

I have not been so captivated by a story in a while. This is definitely going to stick with me.

January was working as a time cop far in the future when our world discovers the means to time travel. After January gets diagnosed as unstuck (think of it as being slightly unstuck from the straight line moving forward in time. She will sometimes drop into her past or possibly even her future.). This kind of makes January seem untrustworthy and less mentally stable to some. Some question her ability to work as head of security for The Paradox Hotel. But, really, January can stand up for herself and she does… even if she is missing out on the support from her friends and coworkers at The Paradox Hotel.

This story just goes right into an intense vibe. Even the first paragraph lets the reader know they are in for something wild and unexpected. Time begins to stutter. All these trips that the rich take to different eras start having an effect on everything and it’s simply a wild ride from start to finish.

If you love mind trippy books about time travel and alternate planes of time then I think you will enjoy this book. I had such a blast reading it. I went through every single emotion while not being able to put this book down for a second. Definitely recommend!

Look for this on February 22nd!!!

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