Pieces of Me by Kate McLaughlin 🌟Arc Review πŸŒŸ

This is a very intense read about a fictional depiction with some very realistic details of an 18 yr old with DID. Dissociative Identity Disorder is something that I believe is hard to describe, even for people who have it. However, this book, this author, gives a very valid attempt, and I think this is definitely worth a read if you are at all interested in DID.

The main character, Dylan, wakes up in a stranger’s bed and finds out she has been with him at his house with his sister all weekend. At this time, Dylan has no idea that she has these different people within her ready to come out and protect her at a moment’s notice. The guy she was with, though, turns out to be seriously the best person in the world. Conner is almost unbelievably understanding of everything, so of course I automatically love this dude.

Dylan has lots of support. This is a wonderful story about an amazing family (mostly). This is not the case for everyone with DID or any other mental illness, so at points, it felt a bit overdone. However, I learned some things about DID and love this author, so I would say I’m feeling pretty positive about this book.

Content warnings for mental illness, suicide, hospitalization, and child sexual assault.

Out April 18, 2023


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