The High Lord by Trudi Canavan, A Review

As the strange murders in the city continue, the Thieves realize things may not be exactly as they seem. The High Lord takes on a different kind of role in this book, and I gotta say, it was phenomenal.

Its been a year since Sonea won the challenge against Regin and (YAY!) she hasn’t been bothered since. However, she still doesn’t really have too many close friends.

This book was the most exciting one, which I guess makes sense because it is the final book in this fabulous trilogy. There are intense political maneuverings, a slight focus on how important LGBTQ rights are, and, of course and FINALLY, love.

I loved every second of this series and I highly recommend it for young adult and adult fans of fantasy!

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The Novice by Trudi Canavan, A Review

Sonea is in the Magicians Guild but she may be in over her head with the drama of this terrible secret only her and a few others know.

Currently, Sonea is getting ready to take her vows as a novice and begin classes with other students. She has spent the past five months studying with Rothen, her Guardian, learning not only how to control her magic but the necessary information to get by as a student. She is beginning these novice classes with the sons and daughters of great houses of the city, in other words, the rich kids. Sonea’s nerves are running high and she is consumed with worry about how she will be accepted.

This book was great, a great sequel to The Magicians Guild. It involved Canavan creating a much more comprehensive picture of this world and the distinctive countries that make it up. It included wonderful descriptions and attention to details about what makes each land unique, not only in appearance but in custom and culture as well.

I highly recommend this series, looking forward to beginning the third and final book, The High Lord!

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The Magicians Guild by Trudi Canavan, A Review

The first paragraph had me. The beautiful description of the wind howling and then whispering through the streets of Imardin as though it has thoughts and feelings that permeate through.

Sonea is a lovable and relatable character. As the story opens, she is trying to find a place for herself and her Aunt and Uncle to move to when she runs into her old gang. She gets pulled into throwing rocks at The Magicians while they wait to carry out the purge, a day to push out all of the “undesirables” from the city. The intense hatred she has for The Magicians and the purge sort of radiates into the rock she throws, blasting through their magical shield and hitting a Magician right on his head. As you can guess, this is where the story really starts, when Sonea discovers her magic.

This was such a fun read and I’m immediately picking up the sequel, The Novice, in The Black Magician Trilogy.

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