The Art of Prophecy by Wesley Chu 🌟 ARC Review 🌟

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for this Arc!!

This is going in my top five favorite books for the year, no question. I enjoyed this so much that I’m having trouble adequately coming up with how to describe this book.

The Art of Prophecy is about so many things but a major point of this book is about the honor of war arts and when to throw others expectations out the window and simply do the right thing. Even if it means taking on a whole nation or a fanatical religion.

This story follows Taishi and Jian, along with other characters I’m not getting into because Spoilers! Taishi is an incredible woman with incredible fighting skills and also a fierceness that makes others stop and listen. Jian has a lot to learn about war arts even though he is the center of a prophecy for the Zuhn people and their savior against the Eternal Khan.

I loved every single second of this book. A gorgeous fantasy world that includes all the dirty parts of life. Play-by-play fight scenes that are simply fantastic. And, laugh out loud funny and thought provoking all at once.

I cannot recommend this enough!

Out August 9, 2022!