The Outsider by Stephen King, A Quick Review

What a perfect start to my Spooktacular Fall Reads! King did not let me down. The beginning especially, the first 300 pages or so, were incredibly suspenseful. I had no idea what was happening until a certain character basically laid it out. This book was full of creepy surprises and was based on a horrifying murder of a young man. This murder led to an arrest but also many other questions which personally held me in the most suspense. This book was published in 2018 and I must say that King still has the crown of “Master of Horror ” with his real world horrific events mixed with the supernatural.

Carrie by Stephen King, A Review

This. This is where it starts. And what an incredible start to a continuously outstanding career. The arrangement of the story is unique in a way that makes it move swiftly and keeps the reader interested. Stephen King’s debut novel became an immediate hit not just because it was a distinctive story but because it was just THAT good.

The character of Carrie seems so real. I feel like I knew several versions of Carrie throughout my time in middle school and high school. This story creates a fear in the reader not just because of the fantastical occurrences around Carrie, but how easy it is to believe in the dreadful mistreatment she suffers at the hands of her peers. All of us have either been on the giving or recieving end of high school bullying, which is why this story is really not that farfetched (besides the telekinetic activity, which, perhaps, some do believe in.)

I feel like I’ve really gotten to know Stephen King on a different level this year. And the reoccurring theme that I find in his work that I’ve read is the truth to the human cruelty. And that is what terrifies me the most in his novels. I can really believe that without a doubt, humans are capable of malicious harm, and if it can happen, Stephen King can imagine it. And, I tell you what. I will leave these realistic and horrific circumstances to the master himself and I will also, very willingly, leave it in his books because I do not want to ever experience any of the things he’s imagined.

I highly recommend any book by Stephen King. He will find a way to crawl under your skin and mesmerize you while terrifying you!

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The Stand by Stephen King, A Review

This book was long… very long. It is no simple undertaking. What I found most interesting is how comparable this long book is to Stephen King’s other very long book, IT. And I must say, I had the same feeling towards the end of both of these books and I do not believe it is a feeling that would be appreciated by the author.

Honestly, the “good guys” are just too good by the end. I feel like their goodness overwhelms me and not in a positive way. I feel like they get a little preachy and self-righteous which makes me wonder if I would be better off defecting to the side of evil. This book begs the question that I did ask myself… Where do you Stand?

The book begins in crisis mode and just rolls forward from there. A government experiment gone wrong, very wrong. And as the plague is released, I followed five main characters on their painful, life altering journey. Not just surviving the plague while watching everyone around them succumb, but figuring out how to move forward and with who.

Some interesting observations I had about King’s descriptions of The Walking Man, the evil one, was the similarities to descriptions in Lord of the Rings. This man was described as dark, and as “the black man” which is how the Nazgul are described by Tolkien. Not only that, but he had a way of opening up a red and all-seeing eye, much like the eye of Sauron.

This is a must read for King fans! I know, soooooo long… but power through and then tell me, where do you Stand?

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Misery by Stephen King, A Review

First of all, I want to point out that this book was published in 1989, and the terminology used to discuss mental illness is therefore dated. However, even with the almost 30 year gap between then and now, with the support of doctors in this field, King really does a splendid job of describing severe psychosis.

This book follows the bestselling author Paul Sheldon as he attempts to drive out of Colorado during a major snowstorm while drinking. Not a good combination! Perhaps this can serve as a warning for drinking and driving! He wrecks his Camaro and is found by the very strong and solid Annie Wilkes. And Annie Wilkes is his number one fan.

Paul Sheldon is most famous for his romance novels about the beautiful and bubble headed Misery. However, he thought he was finished with this character he has come to loathe by killing her in the final book that had just been published. Let’s just say that Annie, his number one fan and a verified psychopath, has other plans.

The scariest part of this story was how I would think I knew how insane Annie was but then she would get crazier and surprise me. This book is definitely not the way anyone should view mental illness, however I cannot disregard how realistic Annie’s insanity was for a worst case scenario. King makes an interesting point that really sent shivers down my spine. He pointed out that a person with depression will kill themselves, however, a person like Annie will not only kill themselves but take others with them. It was that thought that really scared me.

As the book continues, Annie Wilkes becomes increasingly unstable and Paul begins feeling more and more like an exotic animal that is now caged. A caged animal that will never see their beautiful homeland again.

As usual, Kings ending to this intense thriller packs a punch. I really did not know how things were going to turn out. This is a fairly quick read for a Stephen King novel, so its perfect if your looking for something for Halloween week. I highly recommend this book, not just for Halloween scares, but its just a great story that I really enjoyed (Although, yes, I was totally freaked out the whole time, lol).

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Bag of Bones by Stephen King,  A Review

Another great Halloween read! This book was so creepy that as I lay in bed at night reading, I was seriously scared of being grabbed by some kind of skeletal hand and dragged to the floor.  I rarely get that scared by anything.

This is a combination of stories, told from the point of view of a bestselling author. After his wife suddenly dies, Mike Noonan spends the next 4 years suffering from panic attacks that put a halt to his ability to write. To try and combat the panic and writer’s block, Mike moves back to his lake house named Sarah Laughs in the TR. A town so small that it doesn’t even have a proper name. And yes, all of this takes place in Maine.

Mike gets caught up in the lives of 3 women, but only one of them is alive. Mike meets the young and beautiful Mattie after rescuing her 3 year old daughter, Kyra. He also realizes when he settles in his lake house, that Sarah Laughs is haunted, not just by Jo, his wife, but by the enigmatic singer Sarah herself. I’ll just say that this is a world of trouble and it is all somehow connected.

“At night your thoughts have an unpleasant way of slipping their collars and running free.”

– Stephen King,  Bag of Bones

This is a haunting tale of small town politics and what happens when someone, or something, tries to take control of a place’s mass mind. A town caught in the oppressive heat of summer, and perhaps driven mad by control and money, not to mention other possibilities.

A great spooky read and what is now one of my favorites by Stephen King. I highly recommend this, just be sure to leave your lights on!

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A Review of Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

My next Halloween read was Salem’s Lot by Stephen King and it was terrific!

“The town cares for devil’s work no more than it cares for God’s or man’s. It knew darkness. And darkness was enough. “

– Stephen King, Salem’s Lot

I believe that King was inspired by Shirley Jackson’s classic Haunting of Hill House, except instead of the evil being confined to one house, it was spread throughout the whole town, even before the Vampires came.

“There is no life here but the slow death of days, and so when the evil falls on the town, its coming seems almost preordained, sweet and morphic. It is almost as though the town knows the evil was coming and the shape it would take. “

– Stephen King, Salem’s Lot

My favorite parts of this novel were the sections specifically about the ‘Lot. King had a way of describing the town and the people as both beautiful and creepy. Everything seemed completely ordinary but Stephen King shows the gritty, real-life problems that already create a sense of doom, like domestic violence and alcoholism. Of course, with the Vampires added in, things got really scary!

Join Ben, who is working on a Novel, and Susan, the hometown sweetheart and artist, on their adventure in Salem’s Lot trying to solve the mystery of what exactly has come to the town and their fight to stay alive in the process.

I highly recommend this novel for a scary read and personally give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for reading my review! Next , I’ll be reading NOS4A2 by Joe Hill. Come back for a review shortly.

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