Dear Medussa by Olivia A. Cole 🌟 Arc Review 🌟

This meant a lot to me. I think sexual assault and trauma can happen to anyone, at any age, but this author speaking from 16 year old Alicia’s pov really gave this particular trauma a strong voice.

Alicia’s whole life changed after being sexually assaulted by a popular teacher. The girl who ran track and wanted a future was gone, but throughout this story told in verse, Alicia does regain her strength. Particularly with the help of other girls, other strong girls that show her that she is worth fighting for.

I loved the tie-in with Medusa, particularly the ending. I have heard and read many variations on Medussa’s story at this point, and it has become so clear to me that she was not the monster in her tale. I am so thankful to all the strong people out there, including this author, writing these stories and helping everyone no matter where they are in life with a problem that is so much more common than what I believe many people think.

Stars and Smoke by Marie Lu 🌟 Arc Review 🌟

A secret agent and a pop star work together to find evidence that could stop a world war. There is romance, action and a whole lot of danger. There is a big twist in the end and I loved reading this. (I’m fairly certain there will be a sequel and I can’t wait!)

Winter is the most famous pop star in the world while Sydney is one of the most talented secret agents at Panacea. Panacea is a large group that is separate from the CIA and works to keep the world safe. When Winter becomes an agent and Sydney is to work with him as a partner (pretending to be a body guard), things start getting intense very quickly.

Marie Lu has always been one of my favorite authors. I feel like it’s so easy for me to lose myself in her books. Her writing is very smooth with characters that I can’t help but fall in love with. Lu always keeps the plot moving fast, keeps it exciting, and, in few words, helps me visualize everything very clearly. I’m pretty sure this is Marie Lu’s first book without any fantasy, a NA thriller/romance.

Out March 28, 2023!

Thank you Netgalley and Macmillan for this opportunity!

Lone Women by Victor Lavalle 🌟 Arc Review 🌟

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!!!

This is a mesmerizing, dark, and unsettling story. Adelaide Henry leaves home in a rush. She may not be carrying much, but she is carrying a great amount of weight. The steamer trunk is literally very heavy, but what is even heavier are her secrets.

This story takes place mainly in Montana before it was completely settled. Adelaide travels to this huge, wide and open, freezing cold state as a homesteader. She makes it all the way there, leaving behind some secrets but still towing one with her, and faces this land on her own. Soon enough though, the steamer trunk is opened and what comes out reveals the horror of this tale.

But is this monstrous thing the true horror? Or, is true horror what lies behind a prettier, more perfect seeming facade?

I loved this! This gave me historical fiction, horror, supernatural, and thriller all at once. Not to mention the amazing attention to the lone women of that time. I loved every single thing about this book and highly recommend it!

Out March 28, 2023!

Play the Fool by Lina Chern 🌟 Arc Review 🌟

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!!

This was such a fun murder/mystery! Katie works at this kind of strange store in the mall, among the many odd stores that can be found in malls everywhere. When a man bleeding from a head wound comes in, Katie offers to give him a tarot reading partially just so she can figure out what is going on with him. What she doesn’t expect tho, is finding out her friend Marley is dead. And, this starts her on the case.

I loved the main character. Katie is relatable and an overall cool person. The cop that becomes involved, Jamie, is another favorite character. Really all the characters are great. This book was funny and enjoyable.

Out March 28, 2023!

In Nightfall by Suzanne Young 🌟 Arc Review 🌟

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!!!

Yes! A Lost Boys retelling, except the ladies are the boss in this one?? What? Do you think I loved this? I want to stomp down in front of some kind of audience and just slam this book on the table… BOOM. This was so good!

It’s witty, charming, fast-paced, and exciting. And, there were some real thrills and chills in this story! Theo and her brother Marco find themselves in Nightfall, Oregon, for the summer with their dad. They are staying with their grandma, who definitely comes across as a strange character. But, what’s even stranger are the locals. Theo and Marco are both immediately picked up by some very attractive people. Somehow supermodel stage ready in this small rainy town.

One of the things I really loved were the podcasters. Two horror/reality podcasters were visiting and luckily Theo quickly befriended them. Theo is a great character. Her reaction to everything is super on par with how I would react, lol. She felt very real to me. So, I loved reading her perspective.

This was an absolute blast and I completely enjoyed this!

Out March 28, 2023!

Whit Cat, Black Dog by Kelly Link 🌟 Arc Review🌟

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!!!

Kelly Link is now right up there with my favorite authors. This was a masterpiece in storytelling. A retelling of seven grimdark fairytales that kept me completely spellbound.

I love the cats. I love the connection I felt throughout all these stories. I loved the imagery, the dark and beautiful pictures this author painted. I loved everything! I literally have zero complaints. This was brilliant, and I know I’m going to be thinking back on these tales.

I cannot recommend this enough!

Out March 28, 2023!

Lucha of the Night Forest by Tehlor Kay Mejia 🌟 Arc Review 🌟

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!!

I loved this!!! I loved the dark and twisty ancient mushroom magic, the god and goddess lore, latinx sapphic romance… just, yes!!!

Lucha is a great character. She is completely devoted to her little sister, which is a trait I automatically admire in any siblings’ relationships. She makes mistakes on who to trust and what to do throughout this story, which made her feel very real to me. All in all, I thought this was really well done.

Lucha’s mother is one of the many who are addicted to a drug, Olvida, that seems to basically slowly pull away a person’s memories, causing them to sleep and forget life. Lucha takes care of her little sis, Lisa, but when her mother gets fired and they are kicked out of their home, she faces some major challenges. The fact that this is really relatable to what happens to many young adults irl just made me love this story. Lending hope to an incredibly hopeless situation.

Lucha finds herself connected to a god, and soon, she is fighting a battle larger than her own existence.

I want to add some basic warnings for drug use, poverty, and, violence and assault.

Out March 21, 2023!

The Witch and the Vampire by Francesca Flores 🌟 Arc Review 🌟

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!

I love this cover! However,Β  I could not get into this book!

Ava is a root witch turned vampire that has been trapped in her mother’s tower for two years.Β  Kaye is a fire witch that was friends with Ava until the night her mother was murdered, believing that ava was the murderer.Β Β 
When all hell breaks loose in their town, Ava escapes only to be captured by Kaye.

So my issue with this book is the constant back and forth between, do they have any feelings for one another at all or are they reverting back to this plain “kill em” vibe.Β  Not complex, just black and white.Β  I had no way of understanding their prior relationship and the introduction to the story didn’t give me what I needed to understand this relationship as more than 1 dimensional.Β  And, then half-way through the book, Tristan, the third wheel to their supposed past friendship,Β  suddenly goes from a nobody to an important meaningful character?

Ya’ll know I don’t write a lot of negative reviews, but this book really let me down.Β  The synopsis as a Repunzel retelling really gave me high expectations.Β Β  This just didn’t show me anything in a real enough way for me to even slightly feel connected, so I’m disappointed.

Out March 21, 2023

Pinata by Leopoldo Gout 🌟 Arc Review 🌟

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!

This is a slow starting horror that led me to a gruesome and brutal ending that I will not soon forget.

This story begins with a short intro covering a scene about the brutal colonization of an ancient people and continues to be very rich in Nahua culture. I loved this take on vengeance against this atrocity against a group of humans. It gives the story a strong backbone and lends credence to any questions of why certain things happen.

Carmen is going to Mexico as a lead architect for a remodel of an old abby. She brings her daughters, Izel and Luna, with her to introduce them to the culture they come from. Everything seems to be going fine until Luna is targeted for possession by spirits who lead to the horror to come. When she finds an ancient pinata, originally a gift to gods made out of clay and sealed with viscera inside it, she is officially possessed, and the horror truly begins.

I liked this book a lot. However, I felt like the dialogues and interactions between characters were a bit cut and dry and did not have the energy I enjoy more while reading.

Overall, a very creepy and also, culture rich, read!

Out March 14, 2023!

A Witch’s Guide to Fake Dating a Demon by Sarah Hawley 🌟 Arc Review 🌟

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!!

This is a grumpy/sunshine romcom with just the right amount of spice.

Mariel is a powerful witch but struggles to harness her powers. She is amazing with plant magic but is having trouble with all other areas. When she accidentally summons a demon instead of a bag of flour, she is in for a surprise. The demon is quite sexy, but unfortunately, he wants to bargain for her soul.

This is a really fun read! I did think it was a bit predictable, but I still really enjoyed this.

Out March 7, 2023!