Blood of Elves  by Andrzej  Sapkowski,  A Review

This takes place in a land where a war is just beginning. The humans are fighting against Nilfgaard and also starting a pogrom against all with elvish blood. In the center of this war is Ciri, a child of destiny. Some want to kill her, others want to use her but Geralt of Rivia wants to protect her.

The story begins with a heated debate brought on by Dandilion’s performance of ballads that speak more truth than the frivolous poetry they could be. This debate updates the reader on current affairs and what has led up to this point. There is also a very obvious relevance to real world issues based on the racially induced treatment of the elves.

Yennefer is also introduced as the story slowly begins to reveal itself in the details.

While not only Geralt, but numerous main characters go out of their way to train and protect Ciri, the princess of Cintra, the kings of the land are dealing with the encroaching attacks of Nilfgaard and this leads to some very interesting political debates.

In the next installment, The Time of Contempt, I am anxious to see what the future holds for Ciri and her protectors, especially The White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern,  A Review

This is a story of a circus. But not just any Circus. Le Cirque des Reves, which translates to The Circus of Dreams, is just that, a place where dreams are on display and tangible.

The true beginning, before the creation of The Circus, is the beginning of a game between two rival magicians. Prospero the Enchanter calls upon his adversary to start a new match with new players, one of which is Celia Bowen, Prospero’s daughter. Alexander, Prospero’s opponent, whom is often only known as A. or the man in grey, picks his student at a later date and begins this young man’s lessons in a much less dramatic manner of magic than Prospero the Enchanter’s, but no less stunning and overwhelming.

The Night Circus, The Circus of Dreams, is a playground of talent between the two competing students when they reach the appropriate age. However, it becomes so much more than that, and not just for the players.

I dont know if you believe in magic, but I do, I believe in the everyday magic of kindness and selfless giving. I also believe in a sort of fate, a predetermined course that our lives follow as we make our choices. I believe that the good and the beautiful parts of life must hold magic within them to create such joy within me. However, this book fills me with the desire to see this place, this circus, to walk through the black satin hangings into its land of stars and experience that childlike wonder that permeated this book for me.

Just as I am obsessed with this story and the secrets it has been whispering to me during my bedtime reading, The Circus of Dreams dazzles the attendees to become infatuated with its call and go to great lengths to be a part of this enchanting place as often as possible. It creates an evocative delight for all the senses of the circus goers and I can only recommend that you join them as well to experience the charm of somersaulting kittens, ice gardens, and off course, some delicious chocolate mice.

By the end of this wondrous tale, I am crying and dramatically sighing in turn, This Circus not only influences everyone in the book, but this reader as well. I am left feeling a little sad at its completion but overcome with a grand sense of joy that I was able to experience this gorgeous work by Erin Morgenstern.

Thank you for reading my review and happy reading!!!