A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas, A Review

Some things I have learned while reading this series: Do not bargain lightly. Always look deeper than first appearances. And, trust your heart.

Feyre is such a dynamic character. She turns into a completely new person by the end of this series. The scared girl who was willing to settle for a life of quiet and safety is no more. She makes her own choices now and she chooses to love her mate unconditionally while still having her own control over her life, her independence.

Wow, this book was a great ending to a great series. I went through every emotion possible by the end of ACOWAR. Maas did not hold back at all. This author can make me feel exactly what the characters are feeling, even if that means I have to pretend my eyes are watering really bad because I’m reading this book around other people. (I swear, y’all, something got in my eye!)

If you haven’t read this series, I say… READ IT NOW!! I am not going into detail about what happened in the books because its better if you find out on your own. All I will say is that it is full to brimming with serious magic and a one of a kind love story that had my heart racing many a time!

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, A Review

It started in a snowy forest. Feyre, a 19 year old girl who hunts to keep her handicapped father and two sisters Fed, finds herself taking down a white wolf and a deer. She is able to use the deer meat to feed her family, while selling the pelts. However, there is way more to this than a simple kill.

That night, Feyre’s door is broken down and she faces off the lion like horned beast that not only stands on its hind legs but speaks to her demanding justice for the wolf she killed, another faerie shape shifter. Faeries are not known to the humans on this side of the continent for their kindness. No, instead they are known as being cruel creatures of terror. But when Feyre is given the choice between death or life in their land to make up for the faerie she killed, she chooses to go and this choice changes her forever .

This story is full to bursting with a staggering love. A love so important, so unexpected, that I couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed in a good way. This tale is about acceptance, not just forming opinions on what others believe but on realizing that those others and their opinions could be wrong. Feyre learns to see beyond the mask,see beyond a lifetime of untruths and decide for herself what is right.

I can only say that I waited too long to read this series and I am hooked! If you haven’t picked it up yet, I highly recommend giving it a try. I can almost promise you won’t regret it!

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King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo, A Review

Well… I was NOT expecting this at all. It is a great book to add to and continue the story of the grishaverse, no doubt about that. But, is it good for my mental health and sanity? That’s a different question and I’ll ask my therapist tomorrow! 🙃

Okay, so King Nikolai is still literally battling his inner and sometimes outer demon. That’s a huge part of this story. It really made me think of myself battling demons from my past that creep into my present life and make me feel bad. Its good to face your demons, everyone knows that, but is it also good to try and accept them too? Make room for the demon in your heart. Not to feed it and help it grow but to just be who you are, the good and the bad.

Zoya, my favorite Grisha that I honestly think I could never get along with, is also dealing with her past in a very different way. She is trying to accept how she loved and followed a man, The Darkling, that caused so much pain and suffering for everyone. Including a personal loss for Zoya. I really got to see past her tough exterior to her, can I say this, gentle soul? Well, don’t worry! She will always kick everyone’s ass no matter what, mine too. I think we should start a Zoya Boot camp, get into Grisha shape.

Nina is also a huge part of this story, but she is in Fjerda the whole time. She is undercover with a few other Ravkan Grisha trying to sneak Grisha away from Fjerdan’s evil clutches. And omg are they EVIL!! Wow. Just read it. She is finally coming to peace with losing Mathias while still remaining full of that confidence that I love so much. This part of the book is really intense, read and find out. RAFO.

I loved this book though! However much stress it caused BC Leigh Bardugo just isn’t messing around here. And omg the ending. Just unreal. If you haven’t read this and you love the Grishaverse… Just do it, my friend.

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Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo, A Review

This tale begins with our protagonist, Diana, trying to beat her Amazon sisters at a foot race. She wants to prove she is as strong as them despite her smaller stature and birth place. Everything was going great until she saw a ship explode off shore of her island, Themyscira, and decides to swim past the safe borders to try and search for survivors. This is when we meet Alia, our other protagonist. However, Alia is a human and her presence on the shores of the home of the Amazons creates chaos.

There is punishment for just crossing the border, but to bring in an outsider? That means exile. Diana finds a way to sneak Alia off the Island but winds up somewhere unexpected. This results in many interesting interactions and an interesting view on our world from an outsider. Diana also finds that she has more things in common with humans than she ever considered possible.

“To feel like your crime is just existing.”

– Leigh Bardugo, Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Both Diana and Alia know how it feels to live in someone else’s shadow. They both seek to live beyond their overbearing and demanding family. I feel like this too sometimes, and I thought it was a great way to express that we are not other people’s labels or ideas of us. You are you, and that is perfect, that is enough.

Alia and Diana find their strength and powers within themselves. They are stronger and better than they knew and they have more courage than they ever believed.

This was so uplifting! Talk about Leigh Bardugo just making me feel like I can do amazing things too. With the help of good friends and support, anything is possible!

I highly recommend this for fans of Wonder Woman and/or Leigh Bardugo. Okay, I’m going to go learn how to use a lasso now!

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The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern,  A Review

This is a story of a circus. But not just any Circus. Le Cirque des Reves, which translates to The Circus of Dreams, is just that, a place where dreams are on display and tangible.

The true beginning, before the creation of The Circus, is the beginning of a game between two rival magicians. Prospero the Enchanter calls upon his adversary to start a new match with new players, one of which is Celia Bowen, Prospero’s daughter. Alexander, Prospero’s opponent, whom is often only known as A. or the man in grey, picks his student at a later date and begins this young man’s lessons in a much less dramatic manner of magic than Prospero the Enchanter’s, but no less stunning and overwhelming.

The Night Circus, The Circus of Dreams, is a playground of talent between the two competing students when they reach the appropriate age. However, it becomes so much more than that, and not just for the players.

I dont know if you believe in magic, but I do, I believe in the everyday magic of kindness and selfless giving. I also believe in a sort of fate, a predetermined course that our lives follow as we make our choices. I believe that the good and the beautiful parts of life must hold magic within them to create such joy within me. However, this book fills me with the desire to see this place, this circus, to walk through the black satin hangings into its land of stars and experience that childlike wonder that permeated this book for me.

Just as I am obsessed with this story and the secrets it has been whispering to me during my bedtime reading, The Circus of Dreams dazzles the attendees to become infatuated with its call and go to great lengths to be a part of this enchanting place as often as possible. It creates an evocative delight for all the senses of the circus goers and I can only recommend that you join them as well to experience the charm of somersaulting kittens, ice gardens, and off course, some delicious chocolate mice.

By the end of this wondrous tale, I am crying and dramatically sighing in turn, This Circus not only influences everyone in the book, but this reader as well. I am left feeling a little sad at its completion but overcome with a grand sense of joy that I was able to experience this gorgeous work by Erin Morgenstern.

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Skyward by Brandon Sanderson, A Review

This first book in the Skyward series begins with a young Spensa stargazing for the first time with her pilot father, Chaser. But when Chaser takes off to fulfill his last mission, he is forever branded a coward which deeply effects Spensa and the rest of the family moving forward.

Years later, when Spensa is 17, she still wants to become a pilot like her dad, coward or not. However, even though she has the ability to ace the pilot test, she may not be allowed to become a cadet because of her family’s past.

This is a story about not giving up, ever. Spensa is fierce and passionate, she even gives me courage to not only face life but to fight for what I believe in. This tale is also about the importance of friendship and being accepted even when your darkest secrets are revealed. Spensa learns a lot about herself in this book. Particularly how it’s okay to be human, to not always have to be the toughest person in the world all the time.

This book also got me thinking about how I define the difference between victory and failure.

I highly, highly recommend this series. It is exceptional in every way. Just another amazing example of Brandon Sanderson’s talent.

Next, I’m reading Starsight, the sequel to Skyward! Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

Wildcard by Marie Lu, A Review

This is the sequel to Warcross and also the final book in this duology. I love the main character, Emika Chen, and I’ve been looking forward to reading about the rest of her tumultuous journey in the Warcross Championships.

If you dont know, this series takes place in our world but in a future time setting that is not exact. Also, it doesn’t feel like it is too farfetched of an idea that would make this hard to envision as a real future for our world . This is the time of the Neurolink. Just wear a pair of Neurolink glasses or contacts and the world around you is enlivened with digital images that can be interacted with just by blinking your eyes or saying a few words. And honestly, it seems like a lot of fun!

Warcross is a game that has developed with this new way of life and has become so popular that it’s best players are skyrocketed to instant stardom. Emika became involved when she glitched herself into the opening ceremonies and her life has become a whirlwind of fame ever since. She joined the talented team, the Phoenix Riders, who have become not just excellent teammates but unstoppable friends as well that have Emika’s back no matter what.

Emika thinks every thing spirals out of control by the end of the first book, Warcross, with her compelling relationship with the Neurolink creator himself, Hideo Tenaka. Join her in Wildcard as things only get more complicated but also incredibly entertaining for the reader.

I had a blast finishing this story. I love the importance of the community and friendship between Emika and her fellow Phoenix Rider family. It also has some romantic parts that absolutely made me melt! I highly recommend this series, especially if your looking for something that’s just plain fun to read about.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, A Holiday Review

This is a classic that until now I have only seen. I have seen countless movies and stage performances and I must agree with the author of the forward to this book, Anthony Horwitz, that the Muppets version is my all time favorite! I already knew I loved Dickens writing style and this story as I have seen it but I must say that reading it brought me so much joy and it really was a great way to start the Holidays.

Dickens uses the term “Dead as a doornail ” famously in this book. But the descriptive manner in which he states his claim over this now frequently used expression is unparalleled in its form of creativity,

“Mind! I dont mean to say that I know, of my own knowledge, what there is particularly dead about a doornail. I might have been inclined, myself, to regard a coffin nail as the deadest piece of ironmongery in the trade. But the wisdom of our ancestors is in the simile; and my unhallowed hands shall not disturb it, or the Country’s done for. You will therefore permit me to repeat, emphatically, that Marley was dead as a doornail. “

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Everyone, I believe has some idea of this story. At least, I believe, we all know Scrooge. And perhaps, we all know A Scrooge in our lives. Dickens relates to us a fantastical tale of an older man set in his antagonistic ways learning within a night and through the help of some ghosts, how important it is to offer everyone kindness and decency. This is a great look during an interesting time period in London, at how human kindness can make a huge difference not just in someone’s personal life but in the lives of others.

This to me just screams Christmas spirit!! I am ready now to figuratively embrace my fellow members of the human race this season in a feeling of love and acceptance. This is what Christmas is about. Presents are wonderful but this feeling of joy and looking for the best in others instead of focusing on the worst is so important. 2019 has been a tough year, but I am prepared to find my inner light and happiness for this holiday season. I mean, if Scrooge can turn a new leaf, then all of us are capable of being kind to others and rejoicing in the Christmas spirit!

I highly recommend this quick and classic read. I thoroughly enjoyed spending an afternoon with Scrooge as he turned himself around into such a kind man that is so different from the “Humbug-ing” man at the start.

Happy Holidays!! Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!