The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo, A Review

The Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo is a book of short stories that are a part of the Grishaverse. They take place in Ravka, Kerch, and Fjerda. These are not just any short stories, though. They are tales that are meant to teach a lesson, however, this lesson may be a bit prickly.

They are about the differences and similarities between monsters and miracles, the power of cleverness and friendship, the true price of beauty. How looks can be deceiving and one should be cautious as to who, or what, they let in the front door. To always know what a bargain entails and to be careful what you sing for.

This book is not only full of these lovely stories but also illustrated uniquely on every page. Just as Leigh Bardugo’s words flow effortlessly so does the artwork create a wondrous sense of magic and flare that envelopes the reader wholly.

I cannot recommend this collection enough!

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo, A Review

Well… I was NOT expecting this at all. It is a great book to add to and continue the story of the grishaverse, no doubt about that. But, is it good for my mental health and sanity? That’s a different question and I’ll ask my therapist tomorrow! 🙃

Okay, so King Nikolai is still literally battling his inner and sometimes outer demon. That’s a huge part of this story. It really made me think of myself battling demons from my past that creep into my present life and make me feel bad. Its good to face your demons, everyone knows that, but is it also good to try and accept them too? Make room for the demon in your heart. Not to feed it and help it grow but to just be who you are, the good and the bad.

Zoya, my favorite Grisha that I honestly think I could never get along with, is also dealing with her past in a very different way. She is trying to accept how she loved and followed a man, The Darkling, that caused so much pain and suffering for everyone. Including a personal loss for Zoya. I really got to see past her tough exterior to her, can I say this, gentle soul? Well, don’t worry! She will always kick everyone’s ass no matter what, mine too. I think we should start a Zoya Boot camp, get into Grisha shape.

Nina is also a huge part of this story, but she is in Fjerda the whole time. She is undercover with a few other Ravkan Grisha trying to sneak Grisha away from Fjerdan’s evil clutches. And omg are they EVIL!! Wow. Just read it. She is finally coming to peace with losing Mathias while still remaining full of that confidence that I love so much. This part of the book is really intense, read and find out. RAFO.

I loved this book though! However much stress it caused BC Leigh Bardugo just isn’t messing around here. And omg the ending. Just unreal. If you haven’t read this and you love the Grishaverse… Just do it, my friend.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!