The Witch and the Vampire by Francesca Flores 🌟 Arc Review 🌟

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!

I love this cover! However,  I could not get into this book!

Ava is a root witch turned vampire that has been trapped in her mother’s tower for two years.  Kaye is a fire witch that was friends with Ava until the night her mother was murdered, believing that ava was the murderer.  
When all hell breaks loose in their town, Ava escapes only to be captured by Kaye.

So my issue with this book is the constant back and forth between, do they have any feelings for one another at all or are they reverting back to this plain “kill em” vibe.  Not complex, just black and white.  I had no way of understanding their prior relationship and the introduction to the story didn’t give me what I needed to understand this relationship as more than 1 dimensional.  And, then half-way through the book, Tristan, the third wheel to their supposed past friendship,  suddenly goes from a nobody to an important meaningful character?

Ya’ll know I don’t write a lot of negative reviews, but this book really let me down.  The synopsis as a Repunzel retelling really gave me high expectations.   This just didn’t show me anything in a real enough way for me to even slightly feel connected, so I’m disappointed.

Out March 21, 2023