Alias Emma by Ava Glass 🌟 ARC Review 🌟

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for this Arc!!

I don’t think I’ve really read any other books in the spy/espionage genre so this was really exciting! I loved the background the author supplied about the MC throughout this story. Because of that, this was more than just simply fast-paced and thrilling, it also created a real connection that went deeper.

Emma Makepeace is a young spy and this mission is something that will really prove (or not) that she is worth her salt in the world of espionage. She has to convince a stubborn doctor who is in immediate danger to trust her and allow her to lead him to safety. This begins a chase thru the streets of London with Emma and Michael trying to dodge the GRU nonstop. And, from beginning to end, this book is exhilarating!

I definitely recommend this as a quick and absolutely fun read!

Out August 2, 2022!