Season of Storms by Andrzej Sapkowski, A Review

This is not what I expected or thought it would be, which was a continuation of the main story after Lady of the Lake. And yet, in a sense it is… it really must be read after that book. It’s kind of confusing. Season of Storms, the main story in this book not including some Interludes and the Epilogue, takes place between the two prequels The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny. Okay, I’m just glad to have that point settled for myself, personally.

This story is fairly fun to read if you can get past some of the awkward structuring of how the dialogues are written. I feel like the characters do not always communicate in the most natural and relatable of ways. It feels like a written dialogue and not like I’m reading an actual conversation. The story, however, is really intriguing for The Witcher because it focuses on Geralt losing his two swords, one steel and the other silver(mostly), and how he gets through attacks from monsters, crazy sorcerers, and also protecting people, without having access to a decent sword or any sword at all at times. It shows how it pays to be a decent person to people, especially dwarves because they will really have your back.

The ending of this book, the Epilogue really, is the best part. Nimue from Lady of the Lake makes an appearance, which is about 105 years in the future, and the reader learns that not all endings to fairytales are necessarily final. Very exciting news and I have so many questions. What happened with Ciri next? What, exactly, is going on with Geralt and Yennefer? And, that’s all I can say without spoilers. So, if you wanna know, then read the books!

This is a must read for fans of The Witcher!

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The Lady of the Lake by Andrzej Sapkowski,  A Review

This story begins with Ciri relating her version of what has come to pass to another legendary character, although not a character from this particular legend. This book highlights the depths of storytelling with legends within legends and myths within myths.

Geralt is currently “wintering” in Toussaint, a land of fairytale beauty. Yennefer, however, is a prisoner in Vilgeforte’s citadel. But although her captor and associates are trying to break her down, she keeps her spirit and stays the strong-willed sorceress I love.

This second to last book has everything. Daring rescues and all out battle, particularly the Battle of Brenna which is the last in the war that has been raging between the Northlands and Nilfgaard.

Although I loved this book, the ending makes me wonder exactly how this story is going to continue when it feels like it practically already has finished.

The Tower of Swallows by Andrzej Sapkowski, A Review

Right now it is the autumnal equinox, Velen, and the people are celebrating and feasting throughout the land. However, as night fell, this did not hold back the nightmares that came to life, galloping across the midnight skies. Perhaps this was a sign, a sign for a specific occurrence linking many individuals and leaving them awake and gasping, wondering about the meaning of these horrific dreams or visions.

Ciri, very luckily, finds herself in the hands of the learned hermit, Vysogota, and in his hidden and out of the way dwelling in the marshlands. As Vysogota heals Ciri, particularly her wounded face, she reveals her story of what brought her to this place at this time. Vysogota matches her embittered spirit with his own, and they find common ground to create a healing friendship and perhaps lose some of the bitterness and gain some inner strength to keep fighting.

I will say, I did figure out what happened to Yennefer… only to finish this book and be in the exact same situation… not having any idea if Yennefer is dead or alive. I have an idea, but I wish it was clearer. The Witcher, Geralt, is still among his friends, however his story seems to stop about midway through this particular book and I really cannot say what state he actually is in at this time. Time, that particularly would be a good thing to be made more clear in this book.

So… I really did love this book. I did immensely enjoy the intriguing politics and the intricate details that may make other readers, well, bored! I can see how some people would feel that way, and, in fact, I talked to a few people with that opinion. However, that doesn’t mean it is how everyone or even the majority of readers feel, just the handful I talked to.

I have already started The Lady of the Lake, which is the fifth installment and second to last in this series. So far, I am very excited and thoroughly enjoying it!

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Baptism of Fire by Andrzej Sapkowski, A Review

This, the third book in the Witcher series, begins with Geralt healing in the forest of Brokilon with the help of the dryads while the outside world has erupted in chaos. This is where the reader meets Milva, AKA Maria, whom I did not have a good first impression of, however, that changed throughout the book as I got to know her better.

Milva brings Geralt news of the outside world, accidentally leading him to believe that Ciri has been taken by the enemy, Nilfgaard. This belief sets the Witcher on his journey to rescue Ciri with the help of initially just the bard Dandelion. Geralt’s retinue grows to include a diverse crew of misfits who refuse to leave his side. Much like Ciri and her involvement in the gang, The Rats, Geralt is overcome by unexpected friendships.

The land they travel through is war torn and full of horrific scenes of the aftermath of battle and pillaging. The ghastly leavings of war are not only found in the remains of burned villages, but in the gathering of desperate people. Desperate people that will point fingers and blame anyone weaker than them resulting in pure savagery.

This book eluded to much that was prophesied and did manage to answer some questions. Another thrilling read in The Witcher series, but for all the questions it DID answer, it still left me with more unanswered questions that are driving me crazy!

Next up is the fourth book in the series, The Tower of Swallows! Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!

The Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski,  A Review

Everyone is still under threat of the Scoia-Tael, the Squirrels, a name for the elves that adorn their hats with squirrel tails and attack and ambush mankind. At the same time, Everyone is still in even more danger from Nilfgaard.

This book begins with Dandelion being attacked by a man named Reince. He portals away but not before Yennefer leaves him marked with distinctive facial burns. Geralt is looking for answers to why this man is looking for Ciri. One thing is for certain, a powerful wizard is assisting Reince in his endeavors.

Ciri, or Cirrilla, is in so much danger because she is believed to be the only remaining person in line for the throne of Cintra which is now under Nilfgaard control. Her grandmother was the great Lioness, Calanthe, a very strong monarch who left Ciri to be called the Lion Cub. Ciri is also known as being The Child of the Elder Blood, which this book makes the meaning of more clear.

Ciri is mainly in Yennefer’s care, who is planning on sending her to school where she will be locked away and hopefully safe. However, Ciri not only has her own plans, but those hunting for Ciri have their own plans that make this impossible.

Geralt wants to stay Neutral while the lands are in turmoil. He doesn’t want to choose whose side he is on. This is becoming increasingly difficult for him as Nilfgaard keeps moving in and is now convincing other strong monarchs to join their side. Eventually, for Ciri, for Yennefer, for Dandelion, Geralt of Rivia will have to choose who he not only stands with but who he fights for.

I loved the complex politics and maneuvering that happened in this book. These first 2 books are so different than the prequels. They are so much more serious and intense and I LOVE IT!!!

(Ps…. there are unicorns in this book, so … yeah, its awesome just because of that alone)

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Blood of Elves  by Andrzej  Sapkowski,  A Review

This takes place in a land where a war is just beginning. The humans are fighting against Nilfgaard and also starting a pogrom against all with elvish blood. In the center of this war is Ciri, a child of destiny. Some want to kill her, others want to use her but Geralt of Rivia wants to protect her.

The story begins with a heated debate brought on by Dandilion’s performance of ballads that speak more truth than the frivolous poetry they could be. This debate updates the reader on current affairs and what has led up to this point. There is also a very obvious relevance to real world issues based on the racially induced treatment of the elves.

Yennefer is also introduced as the story slowly begins to reveal itself in the details.

While not only Geralt, but numerous main characters go out of their way to train and protect Ciri, the princess of Cintra, the kings of the land are dealing with the encroaching attacks of Nilfgaard and this leads to some very interesting political debates.

In the next installment, The Time of Contempt, I am anxious to see what the future holds for Ciri and her protectors, especially The White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia.

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Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski, A Review

A great follow up to the first prequel to The Witcher series, The Last Wish. I feel like I have completed all my prerequisites and can now fully begin my personal Witcher journey.

I have read in other reviews that quite a few claim that The Last Wish was a better book of short stories and I actually disagree. I thought the first book of short stories was great and entertaining, but I feel like Sword of Destiny is more intense and thrilling, not to mention that it seems to have really important information about certain characters that I am assuming are a large part of the series.

I found myself understanding Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist, a little more. Even feeling like I could commiserate with him during some of his troubles, which is not something that I felt in The Last Wish. I guess I enjoyed the more serious nature to these tales and possibly I enjoyed how they were longer than the multitude of short stories in the first prequel. There was more depth and purpose here. There may be only half the amount of stories but they have a strength to them that I missed in the first book.

Okay, so when I mentioned to friends that I was going to read The Witcher series, my friends made it very clear that I had to start with the prequels. So I’m passing it on, it’s very obvious to me now why these are so important. Make sure, if you want to understand everything, you start out with The Last Wish followed by Sword of Destiny.

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The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski, A Review

This is the first book of short stories that begin the tales of the Witcher, Geralt. It’s a fun and quick read that defines what a Witcher is exactly and also creates a base for the continuation of Geralt’s story.

One of the reasons I had so much fun reading this is because it includes some unique takes on classic fairy tales such as Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, and even the Pied Piper. The revamped story of Snow White was particularly interesting and the most lengthy.

The story moves between short chapters that cover Geralt’s recovery at a temple while learning some specifics of his life and longer chapters that are actual adventure like quests he has fulfilled. The final is my favourite, a chapter about his meeting with Yennefer.

I thought the writing was good. Like I said, it’s a fun easy read. I must say it almost seemed elementary or almost too easy to read at times. It wasnt really too deep even though I got the impression that the author was trying for that depth at times. I must say, it is great for a translation from Russian to English.

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