The Time of Contempt by Andrzej Sapkowski,  A Review

Everyone is still under threat of the Scoia-Tael, the Squirrels, a name for the elves that adorn their hats with squirrel tails and attack and ambush mankind. At the same time, Everyone is still in even more danger from Nilfgaard.

This book begins with Dandelion being attacked by a man named Reince. He portals away but not before Yennefer leaves him marked with distinctive facial burns. Geralt is looking for answers to why this man is looking for Ciri. One thing is for certain, a powerful wizard is assisting Reince in his endeavors.

Ciri, or Cirrilla, is in so much danger because she is believed to be the only remaining person in line for the throne of Cintra which is now under Nilfgaard control. Her grandmother was the great Lioness, Calanthe, a very strong monarch who left Ciri to be called the Lion Cub. Ciri is also known as being The Child of the Elder Blood, which this book makes the meaning of more clear.

Ciri is mainly in Yennefer’s care, who is planning on sending her to school where she will be locked away and hopefully safe. However, Ciri not only has her own plans, but those hunting for Ciri have their own plans that make this impossible.

Geralt wants to stay Neutral while the lands are in turmoil. He doesn’t want to choose whose side he is on. This is becoming increasingly difficult for him as Nilfgaard keeps moving in and is now convincing other strong monarchs to join their side. Eventually, for Ciri, for Yennefer, for Dandelion, Geralt of Rivia will have to choose who he not only stands with but who he fights for.

I loved the complex politics and maneuvering that happened in this book. These first 2 books are so different than the prequels. They are so much more serious and intense and I LOVE IT!!!

(Ps…. there are unicorns in this book, so … yeah, its awesome just because of that alone)

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

Filling the Emptiness

For myself, so much of depression is feeling a sense of emptiness, as if there is a literal void inside of me. I picture it as a dark space that is so black it sucks in any light that tries to reach inside and turns that light to nothing. Depression isnt always about actually feeling certain emotions, like sadness for example. Sometimes it is lacking the emotions, lacking the ability to care, to give a damn, that is what really becomes a struggle.

I have been working with my therapist on different ideas to cope with depression. One of the main ones is exercise. This isnt a new idea for anyone that is struggling. It is well known that exercise increases endorphins and makes body and mind feel better. However, this kind of backfired for me. I walked almost everyday for 3 weeks for about 30 minutes at a time, but on the end of the third week I broke my ankle! I was dumbfounded, I mean who breaks their ankle by simply walking and tripping over their own feet? Me, this girl. Now its months later and I’m mostly healed, so I’m doing yoga. Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. I’m enjoying it, but seriously, I’m waiting to see how I’m going to break something else.

I also began doing a gratitude journal. I love journaling and I keep one by me at all times so this isnt a stretch. What I do is when I am feeling down, or bored or lonely, I write down 5 things I’m grateful for. But the rule is that they have to be different things each time. I cant just say the same 5 things over and over. And, surprisingly, this can be hard sometimes. I really have to think about new things and what I appreciate. But, honestly, it works great for getting my head to start thinking in a more positive way, or at least stop the negative thought processes that hound me sometimes.

Today I’m doing pretty well. I’m feeling content with where I’m at right now. At least at this exact moment. Now, an hour from now, I could be feeling completely different. I’m hoping not, though.

One step at a time.

Blood of Elves  by Andrzej  Sapkowski,  A Review

This takes place in a land where a war is just beginning. The humans are fighting against Nilfgaard and also starting a pogrom against all with elvish blood. In the center of this war is Ciri, a child of destiny. Some want to kill her, others want to use her but Geralt of Rivia wants to protect her.

The story begins with a heated debate brought on by Dandilion’s performance of ballads that speak more truth than the frivolous poetry they could be. This debate updates the reader on current affairs and what has led up to this point. There is also a very obvious relevance to real world issues based on the racially induced treatment of the elves.

Yennefer is also introduced as the story slowly begins to reveal itself in the details.

While not only Geralt, but numerous main characters go out of their way to train and protect Ciri, the princess of Cintra, the kings of the land are dealing with the encroaching attacks of Nilfgaard and this leads to some very interesting political debates.

In the next installment, The Time of Contempt, I am anxious to see what the future holds for Ciri and her protectors, especially The White Wolf, Geralt of Rivia.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

The Sisters Grimm by Menna Van Praag, A Review

This story begins immediately by radiating magic and a sense of enchantment. It even suggests to the reader that they have magic within themselves and yes, I’m already looking for it!

This tale starts with Goldie, who works in a hotel cleaning rooms but steals from the occupants on the side to make extra money for taking care of herself and her little brother Teddy. While working at the front desk she meets Leo, an attractive son of a well to do guest and this is where things start to get complicated.

Goldie is one of several young women who are a Grimm. This means that they can visit the Everwhere, although it is difficult to remember it exactly. Leo, however, is a Soldier and works against the Sisters Grimm. Although, in this case it is unclear how he will handle the situation with the attractive Goldie.

I love the relationship between the Sisters Grimm. It’s an enchanting intertwining of kindred spirits. They have very individual qualities but also aspects that intrinsically link them. As they reach age, (18 years old), their powers slowly emerge but it is yet to be determined if they are good or evil. Just as the Everwhere has both touches of good and evil, the Sisters Grimm can lean either way as well.

I highly recommend this beautiful and magical book. It’s incredibly unique and will pull you in with its gorgeous enchanting details.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

“Violently in love” with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, A Review

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are the parents of five girls that have grown into their different stages of adulthood. Mrs. Bennet sees her role in life as a matchmaker, especially considering her eldest and most beautiful daughter, Jane. When Mr. Bingly and company comes to town, the gossip begins and Jane and Bingly are at the center of it. However, this is not their story. Mr. Darcy, a friend of Bingly’s, creates quite a stir with his prideful nature. Even going so far as to comment on our Heroine, Elizabeth, as not being a particular beauty (which of course she overhears and this creates the start to one of the greatest romances ever written)

So this story begins with characters literally acting out the title, with pride and prejudice. You see, the Bennet family is not known for greatness, quality or for even being financially well off as many of the other characters, Darcy and Bingly included, are. Mrs. Bennet is a tad irrational and possibly a bit excitable and talks about things she really doesn’t quite have all the knowledge of to be a good judge. And then… Then.. There’s Lydia, the youngest Bennet sister at age sixteen who makes a habit of disgracefully flirting with the military men in the area… And … Well… She’s just not that bright? Can I say that? Yeah, I can. This young woman does not exhibit good decision making skills in the least. And all of this plus more combined, makes for a lot of judgement against the Bennet family.

So all these characters with all their differences are mixed together almost at once in the beginning and this creates an incredibly entertaining combination resulting in many amazing conversations. I think that’s what I loved about this book so much, just reading the way the characters conversed with each other. They are great at civilly condemning one another, its so well said that even their rude comments can seem like a form of flattery.

I think everyone should read this book at least once, or just give it a try. Jane Austen was ahead of her time. This is a story that if put in today’s world, would seem incredibly relevant.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

Depression on sunny days

It seems that everyone thinks that the cold winter months and lack of sunshine have a negative effect on emotions… That the season can cause a depression. I know this is true for many people, however, for me, winter is my favorite time of year (by the way, I live in the SE of the United States so it never gets too wintery here).

For me, I don’t like the constant sun. I especially don’t like the heat. Where I live, the heat is heavy and damp with moisture. One step outside and I feel like I’m already bathed in sweat. Its incredibly uncomfortable for me. I also like covering myself up. I do not like wearing shorts and t-shirts. I’m definitely a hoodie and jeans kinda girl. And yet, the very atmosphere I live in during spring, summer and most of fall practically forces me into less covering clothing or else I will be facing the very real possibility of heat stroke.

The sun seems to be trying to convince me to be happy. Like, “Look at these beautiful colors and leaves that glint golden in my light.” Can’t I just have some more storm clouds instead? Maybe some thunder and lightning with cold gusts of wind that create a great indoor environment perfect for reading under a blanket with a steaming cup of tea?

The sun is shining today on January 25, 2020 and its actually kinda warm outside. Why does this make me so depressed? I feel like something is wrong but I just can’t put my finger on what it is. Its like the sky is faking me out trying to convince me to be happy but I can’t fall for it. Maybe my brain just stubbornly wants to hold tight to depression on days like this.

Right now, I just wish it would rain.

Calamity, Book Three of the Reckoners, A Review

After the wild ending of the second book, Firefight, David Charleston finds himself being the leader of the group he has always held in such high esteem, the Reckoners. In this last book of the series, David and company make it to Ildithia, former Atlanta, which has a very surreal manner of maintaining itself under Epic rule.

David still believes that an Epic can return from the darkness and evil that is caused by embracing their powers. He wants to save them, especially one high Epic in particular. This somewhat creates a moral saying that no matter how bad a person can get, they can always come back if given the right opportunities.

I loved this action packed ending to a great series. I also loved that the bad metaphors continued throughout the book and kept me smiling. Brandon Sanderson is a pro at creating intense stories and situations, but still having sentimental elements that I felt really connected me to the characters.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!