Pinata by Leopoldo Gout 🌟 Arc Review πŸŒŸ

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!

This is a slow starting horror that led me to a gruesome and brutal ending that I will not soon forget.

This story begins with a short intro covering a scene about the brutal colonization of an ancient people and continues to be very rich in Nahua culture. I loved this take on vengeance against this atrocity against a group of humans. It gives the story a strong backbone and lends credence to any questions of why certain things happen.

Carmen is going to Mexico as a lead architect for a remodel of an old abby. She brings her daughters, Izel and Luna, with her to introduce them to the culture they come from. Everything seems to be going fine until Luna is targeted for possession by spirits who lead to the horror to come. When she finds an ancient pinata, originally a gift to gods made out of clay and sealed with viscera inside it, she is officially possessed, and the horror truly begins.

I liked this book a lot. However, I felt like the dialogues and interactions between characters were a bit cut and dry and did not have the energy I enjoy more while reading.

Overall, a very creepy and also, culture rich, read!

Out March 14, 2023!


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