The London Seance Society by Sarah Penner 🌟 Arc Review ðŸŒŸ

Thank you, Netgalley and Publisher, for this Arc!

This is a thrilling tale about the dark side to seances and the lengths frauds go to to make money off of their unsuspecting victims.

The scene opens on a cold night in Paris at a spooky chateau that was the scene of a murder. Lenna is sitting around a table as an apprentice to the great Vaudeline who is renowned for her work with the supernatural while performing a seance. Lenna has recently lost her sister, Evie, and is learning this art so she can channel her sister’s spirit and solve her murder.

This story also follows a Mr. Morley, who is head of one of the departments of the London Seance Society. He soon reaches out to Vaudeline, requesting her to perform a seance in London to learn more about the director’s sudden death.

Many secrets are revealed, which only gave me more questions to consider throughout this story, definitely keeping me on the edge of my seat.

I loved the story and the attention to detail about seances at that time. However, I didn’t completely love Lenna’s character and often had a hard time relating to her.

Out March 7, 2023!

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