Malice House by Megan Shepard 🌟 Arc Review πŸŒŸ

Thank you Netgalley and Publisher for this Arc!

I absolutely loved this horror novel for a multitude of reasons, but essentially, because it relates how through writing and art characters and stories can be brought to life… literally, in this case.

Haven is an illustrator and has just made a recent move into her deceased father’s house named Malice. Her father was very well known for his writing, even winning some amazing awards. So, when Haven finds an unpublished manuscript of his and spends time illustrating the multitude of characters from this collection of short scary stories, she soon realizes there are things happening around her and in this town that she cannot control.

This book has so many great aspects. Bone chilling horror characters from a witch that eerily distorts reality to a hellhound among all varieties of other types of creepiness.

I definitely recommend this to fans of horror!

Out October 4, 2022!

Content warning for gore, violence, death.

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