The Bone Ships by R. J. Barker, A Review

This book has a gorgeous map, not to mention its gorgeous cover which admittedly attracted me to pick this up and I was not disappointed. Joron Twiner was a Shipwife on a ship of the dead named Tide Child, at least until he met Lucky Meas. Meas became the Shipwife (or captain) that Joron needed, that his crew needed, and ultimately changed them from feeling miserable and worthless on this ship of the dead, a ship for criminals, to being proud and accomplished with an incredible goal that kept them going and kept me really interested and excited.

There is a lot going on in this book that Barker used to create such a distinctive world. The main two things he did was made a unique language, at least some terms and he also created strange cultural devices that act as somewhat like superstitions to having real effects on bone ships. Both the language and culture Barker used really made this world and this story have a dark, eerie and yet fascinatingly beautiful feeling.

I recommend this as a great “Pirate ” read, if you are looking for battles on sea mixed with battles on land and even a leviathan of legend, then this is perfect. I know that the next time someone asks me about pirate fantasy books this is going to be the first thing I name.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!

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