The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes  by Suzanne Collins,  A Strange Review

So I’m tired, it’s almost 4 AM and I’ve been up reading this book and honestly I feel kinda crazy now.  Okay, if you did not get the underlying message of The Hunger Games series then Collins is pretty much spelling it out here, “Do you understand what I am trying to say here????” Yes, I am pretty sure I’ve got a grasp on her point of view. I’m not trying to belittle it, I think this needs to be loud and clear, particularly at this time.

What really stood out to me about The Hunger Games was the violence,  and the violence forced on children and young adults and the media’s constant coverage and the public viewpoint.   This book really delves into the issue of control, the control a government has over its people whether good citizens or perhaps rebels and the idea of what would happen without that strong handed control.  This is one of the things blatantly spelled out. This was further demonstrated by what the main character,  Coriolanus Snow, went through personally, leading to the ending that I expected but  still found very unsettling.  

Unsettling is really a good word for all of this, including this time period I’m living through,  where I personally live, my personal government and how I feel like everything is so insane and… yeah. Unsettling is putting it mildly.    Rereading The Hunger Games and following that with Suzanne Collins new book only makes me feel more secure in my own beliefs which I am not going to share.  This highlights some factors that I believe are truly lurking behind the eyes of some people and behind some closed doors that kind of have become more open lately.  

Honestly, I did not say any of the things I planned to say about this book… mainly, what the books storyline is about,  a brief description,  anything? Yeah, its 4 AM and I love sleeping so much, what happened? I dont like posting controversial things and I’m trying not to but did I mention its 4 AM? I’m going to probably make a cup of coffee and just stay up, my kitten thinks its morning now, so just HUSH! Leave me alone, be quiet. 

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