Portia by Christina Bauer, A Review

Portia is Maxon’s little sister, which makes her a 19 year old princess who is part Furor Dragon. She has lots of responsibilities. One of the main things is the Firmament Spell which will help hold the after-realms together. However, it’s hard for anyone to take her seriously with her markings that symbolize how she will eventually turn into a Void Demon. This marking gives Portia a very difficult time, particularly since she would love to meet a guy that doesn’t immediately turn tail and run away from her in fear. Fortunately, she does meet a very handsome man who happens to have a sexy British accent and, even better, he seems to accept her the way she is. I am just as shocked as Portia is when I learn her “Mystery Man ” is Tempest. Another thing I loved about this book is that the heroine, Portia, is not immediately a badass. She started very humble, questioning herself constantly and really letting everyone walk all over her, even family. But by the end, with Tempest’s help, she becomes a total badass. And, its awesome. Another amazing love story. A love that doesn’t seem like it’s going to work out but winds up being absolutely perfect. And, of course, jammed packed with action and adventure. There is even a real Quest, which I love! I would like to try just one tiny sip of Angel Flower wine and perhaps play some capture-the-flag dragon style.

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