The Magicians Guild by Trudi Canavan, A Review

The first paragraph had me. The beautiful description of the wind howling and then whispering through the streets of Imardin as though it has thoughts and feelings that permeate through.

Sonea is a lovable and relatable character. As the story opens, she is trying to find a place for herself and her Aunt and Uncle to move to when she runs into her old gang. She gets pulled into throwing rocks at The Magicians while they wait to carry out the purge, a day to push out all of the “undesirables” from the city. The intense hatred she has for The Magicians and the purge sort of radiates into the rock she throws, blasting through their magical shield and hitting a Magician right on his head. As you can guess, this is where the story really starts, when Sonea discovers her magic.

This was such a fun read and I’m immediately picking up the sequel, The Novice, in The Black Magician Trilogy.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

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