The Near Witch by V. E. Schwab, A Review

“It began with a crack, and a sputter, and a spark. “

– V. E. Schwab, The Near Witch

This book opens with a little sister begging for just one more bedtime story. Lexi, her little sister Wren, and her mother, all live in Near. They live on the edge of this circular village by the moors, where the wind whispers and howls.

That night, as Wren sleeps, Lexi sees someone while looking out the window. Someone she doesn’t recognize, a stranger. But, that’s the thing, there are no strangers in Near. So, who could this be?

The story takes off from there, and as the wind whips across the moors, Schwab will sweep you of your feet with this creepy and lovely tale.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!

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