The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson, A Review

Joel wants to be a Rithmatist. Just to explain, Rithmatist’s are people chosen by the Maker that can basically bring specific chalk drawings to life. They can create circles and lines of defense and also create drawings and symbols for attacking.

Joel is pretty lucky, though. He attends a great school, Armedius Academy, that is famous for not only basic education but teaching learning Rithmatist students as well. This gives Joel an opportunity to at least learn as much as possible about the subject, even if he cant actually perform as Rithmatist. However, Joel’s situation takes a major change when he learns that Rithmatist students are being murdered and he puts himself in the middle of the case.

This was a great, fun and light read. Honestly, I thought I had everything figured out but I was surprised by the ending. It’s so easy for me to believe that I know an author, like Brandon Sanderson, so well that I can guess all his tricks, his next moves. However, this is why Sanderson is so great, because he keeps things unpredictable. And, did I mention that there are unicorns in this book???

I highly recommend this short read, and the amazing yet simple art work (and UNICORNS!!!). Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!

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