Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi, A Review

I am having a difficult time figuring out exactly how this book made me feel. I am going through a tough time and dealing with a lot of anxiety right now and reading is a wonderful way to help me get through these feelings. However, I feel like it took me way too long to get through this book. I honestly cannot decide if that is the books fault or my own.

While reading this sequel to Children of Blood and Bone, I found myself often halting between the brief chapters lost in thought but not thoughts about the book, just the kind of random way I lose concentration and my mind wanders. The book seems to be made to be read quickly with chapters only a few pages long and very short paragraphs with fast-paced dialogue. And yet it took me three days to get through this which doesn’t seem right to me, but like I said, I have no idea if it is the book or my personal distractions that caused this.

I can say, that by the end of this sequel, I was feeling every emotion possible. Zelie and Amari brought magic back at great personal cost to themselves at the end of the first book, and now they are facing war in their beloved land and decisions that will effect them for the rest of their lives. These strong, young women and their companions must find the strength within themselves to not only face this fight but overcome inner struggles of who they truly are and how their actions will change their very souls. What is the right thing to do and what will they give up to win?

This definitely is a must read. The ending… WOW. Tomi Adeyemi is not messing around about keeping readers on the edge of their seats until book three!

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

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