Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead, A Review

This is the last book, book six, in the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. If you haven’t read the books up to this point, this review does contain spoilers… Proceed with caution!

Rose is locked up for the murder of Queen Tatiana which, obviously, she is innocent of. However, do you picture Rose taking it easy in her sterile jail cell? Heck No, she is putting up a tough fight even if it is from behind bars.

However, Rose is not the only one that can be wild and make a scene. Perhaps she has rubbed off on her friends because, let’s just say, when they figure out a way for her to escape captivity, it goes off with a BANG!

Rose was prepared to devote her life to protecting Lissa. She was ready to give up personal freedom and her ability to choose her own path. Now, Lissa is proving she can protect Rose and she is also showing that she too can be quite the badass.

Rose does escape and she sets off across country with Dimitri. Throughout her journey, she comes in contact with all kinds of new and old faces which creates what are at times brief, but very entertaining, appearances by some of these characters.

This journey is a great summation to the the development of Rose’s character over the course of this six book series. It shows off Rose’s strength, her honesty, her innate sense of goodness and her ability to forgive others, even to forgive herself for her mistakes. We are all full of imperfections like Rose, but also like Rose, everyone has the ability to be fierce. Fiercely loyal, fiercely good and fiercely in love. This last journey with Rose can teach us all some life lessons.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!

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