Night Call by Brenden Carlson, A Review

Its 1933 in Jersey during the middle of the great depression. However, this is definitely not historical fiction, this is pure scifi/fantasy in a world with robots that perform labor and even some that take part in crime.

Meet Elias Roche. Please refrain from calling him Roach, he definitely does not appreciate that. Roche is somewhat of a detective, and after a major shootout with police and civilians both dead, he takes the case to try to uncover what is really happening in this city. He is partnered with an Automatic which at first he does not appreciate. However as time goes by he learns that the blue eyed Automatic is actually a pretty helpful resource.

This book starts out with a thrilling fight scene that somewhat lays the groundwork for how the rest of the story goes. I highly suggest this action-packed debut novel for all fans of scifi and fantasy alike.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!!