The Sisters Grimm by Menna Van Praag, A Review

This story begins immediately by radiating magic and a sense of enchantment. It even suggests to the reader that they have magic within themselves and yes, I’m already looking for it!

This tale starts with Goldie, who works in a hotel cleaning rooms but steals from the occupants on the side to make extra money for taking care of herself and her little brother Teddy. While working at the front desk she meets Leo, an attractive son of a well to do guest and this is where things start to get complicated.

Goldie is one of several young women who are a Grimm. This means that they can visit the Everwhere, although it is difficult to remember it exactly. Leo, however, is a Soldier and works against the Sisters Grimm. Although, in this case it is unclear how he will handle the situation with the attractive Goldie.

I love the relationship between the Sisters Grimm. It’s an enchanting intertwining of kindred spirits. They have very individual qualities but also aspects that intrinsically link them. As they reach age, (18 years old), their powers slowly emerge but it is yet to be determined if they are good or evil. Just as the Everwhere has both touches of good and evil, the Sisters Grimm can lean either way as well.

I highly recommend this beautiful and magical book. It’s incredibly unique and will pull you in with its gorgeous enchanting details.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

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