Starsight by Brandon Sanderson, A Review

Spensa and the rest of her homeworld, Detritus, are still fighting the Krell, although on different terms now. There is also now a new name for people like Spensa, who can hear the stars. She is no longer referred to as having a defect, but as being a Cytonic.

This sequel begins six months after the awesome finale of Skyward. The DDF is learning more and more about the Krell guarding the humans on this prison like planet so they dont escape.

So much of this book is about realizing how an “enemy ” is not always an uncontrollable monster, but a real person that has normal emotions just like everyone else. Its important to see both sides of an argument and not to focus on hatred and judgment but to understand that we all really aren’t so different when it comes down to it.

Spensa once again showed me what it means to be a hero. To trust and accept others while staying true to yourself. To do the right thing.

I cannot recommend this series more! Brandon Sanderson is my author hero who just seems to know how to write great books/series that feel like they are speaking directly to me personally. Read this series and love it!

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

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