Skyward by Brandon Sanderson, A Review

This first book in the Skyward series begins with a young Spensa stargazing for the first time with her pilot father, Chaser. But when Chaser takes off to fulfill his last mission, he is forever branded a coward which deeply effects Spensa and the rest of the family moving forward.

Years later, when Spensa is 17, she still wants to become a pilot like her dad, coward or not. However, even though she has the ability to ace the pilot test, she may not be allowed to become a cadet because of her family’s past.

This is a story about not giving up, ever. Spensa is fierce and passionate, she even gives me courage to not only face life but to fight for what I believe in. This tale is also about the importance of friendship and being accepted even when your darkest secrets are revealed. Spensa learns a lot about herself in this book. Particularly how it’s okay to be human, to not always have to be the toughest person in the world all the time.

This book also got me thinking about how I define the difference between victory and failure.

I highly, highly recommend this series. It is exceptional in every way. Just another amazing example of Brandon Sanderson’s talent.

Next, I’m reading Starsight, the sequel to Skyward! Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

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