The Rose Society by Marie Lu, A Review

Marie Lu’s second installment in The Young Elites trilogy must be the darkest novel she has ever wrote. I did find it difficult to read about all this pain, but the story had such a fast pace that I was able to push through.

Adelina has decided to make her own society of Elites and she has the help of her sister, Violetta, and her power to sense others like them. Their trials are not in vain because when they find more Elites, they are some of the best!

This whole time, Adelina is battling falling too far into her illusions with the threat that they are taking over her life. It doesn’t help that she feeds off of people’s hatred and fear to make her stronger. Like I said, Marie Lu takes the reader to some very dark places to make this point.

At the end of The Young Elites, the first book, I really had a good impression of how Adelina was further developing into a villain. However, in The Rose Society, that part of her persona seems to become complete. And I am not sure if there is any help for her.

I highly recommend delving into this dark and twisted series for a unique look into the making of a villain.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!