Wildcard by Marie Lu, A Review

This is the sequel to Warcross and also the final book in this duology. I love the main character, Emika Chen, and I’ve been looking forward to reading about the rest of her tumultuous journey in the Warcross Championships.

If you dont know, this series takes place in our world but in a future time setting that is not exact. Also, it doesn’t feel like it is too farfetched of an idea that would make this hard to envision as a real future for our world . This is the time of the Neurolink. Just wear a pair of Neurolink glasses or contacts and the world around you is enlivened with digital images that can be interacted with just by blinking your eyes or saying a few words. And honestly, it seems like a lot of fun!

Warcross is a game that has developed with this new way of life and has become so popular that it’s best players are skyrocketed to instant stardom. Emika became involved when she glitched herself into the opening ceremonies and her life has become a whirlwind of fame ever since. She joined the talented team, the Phoenix Riders, who have become not just excellent teammates but unstoppable friends as well that have Emika’s back no matter what.

Emika thinks every thing spirals out of control by the end of the first book, Warcross, with her compelling relationship with the Neurolink creator himself, Hideo Tenaka. Join her in Wildcard as things only get more complicated but also incredibly entertaining for the reader.

I had a blast finishing this story. I love the importance of the community and friendship between Emika and her fellow Phoenix Rider family. It also has some romantic parts that absolutely made me melt! I highly recommend this series, especially if your looking for something that’s just plain fun to read about.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!

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