Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski, A Review

A great follow up to the first prequel to The Witcher series, The Last Wish. I feel like I have completed all my prerequisites and can now fully begin my personal Witcher journey.

I have read in other reviews that quite a few claim that The Last Wish was a better book of short stories and I actually disagree. I thought the first book of short stories was great and entertaining, but I feel like Sword of Destiny is more intense and thrilling, not to mention that it seems to have really important information about certain characters that I am assuming are a large part of the series.

I found myself understanding Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist, a little more. Even feeling like I could commiserate with him during some of his troubles, which is not something that I felt in The Last Wish. I guess I enjoyed the more serious nature to these tales and possibly I enjoyed how they were longer than the multitude of short stories in the first prequel. There was more depth and purpose here. There may be only half the amount of stories but they have a strength to them that I missed in the first book.

Okay, so when I mentioned to friends that I was going to read The Witcher series, my friends made it very clear that I had to start with the prequels. So I’m passing it on, it’s very obvious to me now why these are so important. Make sure, if you want to understand everything, you start out with The Last Wish followed by Sword of Destiny.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

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