Carrie by Stephen King, A Review

This. This is where it starts. And what an incredible start to a continuously outstanding career. The arrangement of the story is unique in a way that makes it move swiftly and keeps the reader interested. Stephen King’s debut novel became an immediate hit not just because it was a distinctive story but because it was just THAT good.

The character of Carrie seems so real. I feel like I knew several versions of Carrie throughout my time in middle school and high school. This story creates a fear in the reader not just because of the fantastical occurrences around Carrie, but how easy it is to believe in the dreadful mistreatment she suffers at the hands of her peers. All of us have either been on the giving or recieving end of high school bullying, which is why this story is really not that farfetched (besides the telekinetic activity, which, perhaps, some do believe in.)

I feel like I’ve really gotten to know Stephen King on a different level this year. And the reoccurring theme that I find in his work that I’ve read is the truth to the human cruelty. And that is what terrifies me the most in his novels. I can really believe that without a doubt, humans are capable of malicious harm, and if it can happen, Stephen King can imagine it. And, I tell you what. I will leave these realistic and horrific circumstances to the master himself and I will also, very willingly, leave it in his books because I do not want to ever experience any of the things he’s imagined.

I highly recommend any book by Stephen King. He will find a way to crawl under your skin and mesmerize you while terrifying you!

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!