Song of the Risen God by R. A. Salvatore, A Review

A perfect ending to this action packed trilogy. If you have been following my blog, you know how the first two books went. But I’ll sum up anyway just in case!

This story centers around a very brutal and savage mountain tribe called the Usgar. The Usgar dominate not just the mountain but the surrounding lake villages full of a people that suffer their attacks and kidnappings. The Usgar refer to these skull-shaping captives as the Uamhas, and honestly, their treatment of them could be so bad at times I had a hard time reading it.

However, not all Usgar are bad, especially the female protagonist Aoleyn. She is the heart and soul of this series. In each book, it is her compassion that ultimately wins, not just her expertise with the magic gems. But the magic helps! The magic system in this series is really interesting. It’s based on finding the song within different gems to create unique and God-like powers.

Aoleyn is a fighter. She is a tough young lady, and her heart is in the right place and always leads her true. The first book ends with her battle against the Demon Fossa, and the sequel left me hanging for a minute with the introduction and domination of a new Empire led by the God Scathmizzane.

I was really worried while reading Song of the Risen God about how all of this could be wrapped up. There are more introductions to new characters, primarily from the far away Honce-the-Bear lands and their major cities. I found the ending to be very fitting for this series. I wont say anything to give it away, but I was impressed with how Salvatore wrapped everything up.

This was another wild ride! One thing though, be sure to read the epilogue! This whole series was a unique look at detailed cultures set in a land that teems with magic. I think that is what I enjoyed most. The whole story is great, even if a little harsh at times, but the creation of these belief systems held by the differing people is so distinctive.

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

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