The Stand by Stephen King, A Review

This book was long… very long. It is no simple undertaking. What I found most interesting is how comparable this long book is to Stephen King’s other very long book, IT. And I must say, I had the same feeling towards the end of both of these books and I do not believe it is a feeling that would be appreciated by the author.

Honestly, the “good guys” are just too good by the end. I feel like their goodness overwhelms me and not in a positive way. I feel like they get a little preachy and self-righteous which makes me wonder if I would be better off defecting to the side of evil. This book begs the question that I did ask myself… Where do you Stand?

The book begins in crisis mode and just rolls forward from there. A government experiment gone wrong, very wrong. And as the plague is released, I followed five main characters on their painful, life altering journey. Not just surviving the plague while watching everyone around them succumb, but figuring out how to move forward and with who.

Some interesting observations I had about King’s descriptions of The Walking Man, the evil one, was the similarities to descriptions in Lord of the Rings. This man was described as dark, and as “the black man” which is how the Nazgul are described by Tolkien. Not only that, but he had a way of opening up a red and all-seeing eye, much like the eye of Sauron.

This is a must read for King fans! I know, soooooo long… but power through and then tell me, where do you Stand?

Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!!!

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