Daughter from the Dark by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko, A Review

I loved this book and am so grateful for the opportunity to review it.

Daughter from the Dark hooked me in fast. This story starts out with the sometimes loveable and sometimes disgraceful DJ Aspirin ( AKA Alexey), who stumbles upon an adolescent girl hiding by the street on his walk home. All she has to her name are the clothes on her back and a very unique teddy bear. When Alexey has a dog set upon him by a group of teenagers nearby, the teddy bear seems to come alive to protect his owner and, unsurprisingly, scare Alexey.

DJ Aspirin, Alexey, is used to being his own man. At age 34, he is a popular radio host and nightclub DJ. He is not prepared for life with an 11 year old girl, especially with THAT teddy bear, her claims that she is his daughter and other magical things that occurs as she begins to seriously learn how to play the violin.

This is a beautiful tale about the magic of music and learning how to love again. Perhaps, when it comes down to it, us humans really do need each other and sometimes it takes some lessons to learn that. Not only is this about our need for each other, but our need for magic. Music really is a type of everyday magic. Something that we may not think of but we would be missing out on so much without it. Music really does create emotions in us, at least for me it truly does. And this story highlights that and also elaborates on that idea to create a stunning tale.

I highly recommend this for a quick and fascinating read. Daughter from the Dark comes out in March 2020!

Thanks for reading my review and thanks to Netgalley for this opportunity. HAPPY READING!!!

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