A Review of Bonds of Brass by Emily Skrutskie

This was such a joy to read! I honestly could not put it down!

Ettian and Gal are roommates at the Umber Imperial Academy where they are both quickly learning the art of flying fast ships in space. Everything here is detailed in obsidian and Brass, the colors unique to the Umber Empire.

Ettian readies his team, including Gal, for a routine flying drill when things turn into a nightmare, a nightmare based on a secret.

The shocks continue throughout the story as Ettian and Gal rocket through space into different empires and meet some interesting people.

While dealing with some very serious and real problems, Emily Skrutskie keeps this book full of heartfelt innocence and the feeling of youth. Will Ettian give up everything he believes in for Gal? Can he put his past behind him completely?

The ending was such a shock. I am still reeling from this and am not sure what emotions I should be feeling. Actually I think I am cycling through every emotion one by one. At this point, I cannot tell!

I am very thankful I received this ARC and I highly recommend for lovers of science fiction to read it when it comes out on April 7, 2020!

Thanks for reading my review!

Happy Reading!

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