A Review of Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

My next Halloween read was Salem’s Lot by Stephen King and it was terrific!

“The town cares for devil’s work no more than it cares for God’s or man’s. It knew darkness. And darkness was enough. “

– Stephen King, Salem’s Lot

I believe that King was inspired by Shirley Jackson’s classic Haunting of Hill House, except instead of the evil being confined to one house, it was spread throughout the whole town, even before the Vampires came.

“There is no life here but the slow death of days, and so when the evil falls on the town, its coming seems almost preordained, sweet and morphic. It is almost as though the town knows the evil was coming and the shape it would take. “

– Stephen King, Salem’s Lot

My favorite parts of this novel were the sections specifically about the ‘Lot. King had a way of describing the town and the people as both beautiful and creepy. Everything seemed completely ordinary but Stephen King shows the gritty, real-life problems that already create a sense of doom, like domestic violence and alcoholism. Of course, with the Vampires added in, things got really scary!

Join Ben, who is working on a Novel, and Susan, the hometown sweetheart and artist, on their adventure in Salem’s Lot trying to solve the mystery of what exactly has come to the town and their fight to stay alive in the process.

I highly recommend this novel for a scary read and personally give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for reading my review! Next , I’ll be reading NOS4A2 by Joe Hill. Come back for a review shortly.

Happy Reading!!

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