A Review of Vol. I of The Story of Evil by Tony Johnson

“As long as there is darkness, there will be light to fight it”

The Story of Evil by Tony Johnson

This first volume of the series starts out with a Joust. Steve is riding his horse Clyx for the win as his city, Celestial, is suddenly attacked by evil monsters. Steve’s foster brother, Ty, is also there rooting him on. Although they are separated after the initial attack, they are never far from each other in their hearts. Kari, who is also watching the joust, eventually becomes part of the foster brothers team while fighting for her life against the monsters.

This story has deep roots in the basics of morality and doing what is right. As a cleric commented to Steve,

“It’d be sad if we didn’t believe people would do the same for us as we’d do for them. It’s nice to see there are people like you making the world a better place, Stephen Brightflame.”

The Story of Evil by Tony Johnson

This start to the series is a must read for fantasy fans of all ages. The classic approach to good versus evil mixed with a modern twist will leave the reader wanting more. Not to mention the major cliff hanger at the end! The excitement does not stop!

Thanks for reading my review! I am going to get into the Halloween Spirit this month starting with Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill. Please follow for a review soon!

Happy Reading!!

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