A Review of The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon is Epic in scope and size. This is a masterful story that hooked me and left me wanting more.

It begins in the East with Tane, a student hoping to attain the privilege of competing in the Water Trials to earn her right to ride a dragon. But this story, Tane’s story, does not start out with glory but a mistake. This mistake will turn out to haunt her, not only her, but the others involved, particularly Roos.

In the West, Ead, is working with queen Sabran as one of her ladies in waiting. But secrets begin to spill out that not only involve Ead but the whole court as she becomes closer to Sabran.

The center of this novel surrounds the timing of the return of The Nameless One and how this world will defeat him, again. All characters, from East to West, must determine a path to the ultimate destruction of this creature.

What I really learned from this beautiful story, was that everything happens for a reason. All of the characters mentioned, and also many that I have not mentioned, make mistakes or decisions in the beginning of this tale that lead them to their final destiny. That leads them to where they are meant to be.

This novel also is a world building masterpiece and deals with the complexities of the origins of different religions and how they clash when cultures come together. Just the details alone are mind blowing and made this an absolute joy to be immersed in.

I have some advice. Do not let first impressions fool you about anybody in this tale. These are dynamic characters that pack a punch, particularly Roos.

I loved this book and I hope you enjoyed my review! Next on my list is The Story of Evil -Vol. I : Heroes of the Siege by Tony Johnson.

Happy Reading!!

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